Sports Climbing - The Olympics Debutante 2020 !

Sports Climbing is a mixture of the traditional form of sports and the modern form of sports. Well known for its stress calming properties Sports Climbing is a robustly growing trend in the world of sports and is all set to make a space in the TOKYO Olympics 2020.
 So, as a professional mountaineer I present to you all that is to know about this Olympic Debutante of 2020!

So, as a professional mountaineer I present to you all that is to know about this Olympic Debutante of 2020!

Surely I am posting this blog way ahead of its time and 2 days later the scheduled blog day. But, I believe in keeping my readers ahead and so as a caring blogger and a professional mountaineer, of course, I will try to very simply lay down the basics of Sports Climbing and if you like it (which I will know only if you leave a supportive comment, so do not forget to leave a comment below 😉). I will write more vividly on the topic!


So, as stated earlier, Sports climbing is a form of sports which is a mixture of modern sports mixed with the traditional form of climbing. Broadly for layman reference, sports climbing is generally indoors and the other form that happens out door is called rock climbing.

Unlike the traditional form of rock climbing the climbers are allowed provided ith permanent rock protectors as they advance, thus making Sports climbing a lot more enduring as compared to the traditional forms of rock climbing.
This is yet another reason why sports climbing is catching so much attraction is, that Sports climbing doesn’t need very intensive training as is required in the traditional forms of climbing.Sports climbing generally use straight predefined paths thus making it an easier experience for climbers and beginners too.

Sports climbing emphasizes strength, endurance, gymnastic ability and technique, over adventure, risk and self-sufficiency. With increased actuality, sports climbing as an indoor recess activity is gaining huge attraction. As well as a form of intensive training in gyms.

In September 2015, sport climbing was included in a shortlist along with baseball, softball, skateboarding, surfing, and karate to be considered for inclusion in the 2020 Summer Olympics; Finally, on August 3, 2016, all five sports (counting baseball and softball together as one sport) were approved for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic program.
The proposed format for Olympic sports climbing will require participants to compete in all three disciplines – lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering.

So, That as it for the week! The next time I write depending upon your supportive comments, I will be discussing differences between Lead Climbing, Speed climbing and Bouldering…

Stay Tuned Traveloguers 💗


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